Secret Uke tab by The Pierces

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Am chordAm
Got a secret
G chordG
Can you keep it
F chordF E chordE
Swear this one you'll save
Dm chordDm
Better lock it in your pocket
E chordE Am chordAm
Taking this one to the grave
Am chordAm G chordG
If I show you then I know you
F chordF E chordE
Won't tell what I said
Dm chordDm
Cause two can keep a secret
Em chordEm Am chordAm
If one of them is dead

Am chordAm G chordG
Why do you smile
F chordF E chordE
Like you have told a secret
Am chordAm G chordG
Now you're telling lies
F chordF E chordE
Cause you're the one to keep it
F chordF E chordE
But no one keeps a secret
F chordF E chordE
No one keeps a secret
Am chordAm G chordG F chordF
Why when we do our darkest deeds
E chordE
Do we tell
Am chordAm G chordG
They burn in our brains
F chordF E chordE
Become a living hell
F chordF E chordE
Cause everybody tells
F chordF E chordE
Everybody tells

Etc It's fairly repetitive


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Jasmin0706 avatar
I happen to know. You first put your first finger in the second fret of the first (or is it forth string, idk?) and put your other three fingers in the fourth fret in the three remaining strings. I hope this helps but if you don't understand, wellllllll I tried.
23 Jun 2019
OceanTunis2264 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Bristol)
Is there a chord that can replace E? My hand is too small to be able to reach.
25 Jan 2019
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