Toothpaste Kisses Uke tab by The Maccabees

8 Chords used in the song: A, C#m7, D7, G, F#, Bm, E, F#m

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Year:  2007
Key: unknownChords

A A / C#m7 C#m7 / A A / C#m7 C#m7 / D7 D7 / D7 D7 / G G / F# F# / Bm Bm / Bm Bm / E E

The rest!:

A A C#m7 C#m7
Cradle Me, I'll Cradle You
A A C#m7 C#m7
I'll win your heart, with a whit-woo
D7 D7 G G F#m F#m
Pulling shapes just for your eyes,
Bm Bm E E (let ring)
so with toothpaste kisses and lines

i'll be yours and you'll be

A A C#m7 C#m7
lay with me, ill lay with you
A A C#m7 C#m7
we'll do the things that lovers do
D7 D7 G G F#m F#m
put the stars in our eyes,
Bm Bm E E
and with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses divine

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