Desperado Uke tab by The Eagles

12 Chords used in the song: F,F7,Bb,Bbm,Dm,G7,C7,A7,Gm,Am,C,Gm7

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Despe[F F]rado [F7 F7] why don't you [Bb Bb] come to your [Bbm Bbm] senses 

You've been [F F] out ridin' [Dm Dm] fences for [G7 G7] so long [C7 C7] now

You're a [F F] hard one [F7 F7]

I know that [Bb Bb] you've got your reasons [Bbm Bbm]

These [F F] things that [A7 A7] are plea[Dm Dm]sin' you

Can [Gm Gm] hurt you [C7 C7] some [F F] how

Don't you [Dm Dm] draw the queen of [Am Am] diamonds boy

She'll [Bb Bb] beat you [C7 C7] if she's [F F] able

The [Dm Dm] queen of hearts is [Bb Bb] always your best [F F] bet [C C]

Now it [Dm Dm] seems to me that [Am Am] some fine things

Have been [Bb Bb] laid up[C7 C7]on your [F F] table

But [Dm Dm] you only want the [G7 G7] ones that you can't [Gm7 Gm7] get [C7 C7]

Despe[F F]rado [F7 F7] you ain't [Bb Bb] getting no younger [Bbm Bbm]

Your [F F] pain and your [Dm Dm] hunger

They're [G7 G7] driving you [C7 C7] home

And [F F] freedom [F7 F7] well that's just [Bb Bb] some people [Bbm Bbm] talking

Your [F F] prison [A7 A7] is walk[Dm Dm]ing through

This [Gm Gm] world all [C7 C7] a[F F]lone

Don't your [Dm Dm] feet get cold in the [Am Am] winter time

The [Bb Bb] sky won't snow and the [F F] sun won't shine

It's [Dm Dm] hard to tell the [Bb Bb] night time from the [F F] day [C C]

You're [Dm Dm] losing all your [Am Am] highs and lows

[Bb Bb] Ain't it funny how the [F F] feeling goes a[Gm7 Gm7]way [C7 C7]

Despe[F F]rado [F7 F7] why don't you [Bb Bb] come to your [Bbm Bbm] senses

Come [F F] down from your [Dm Dm] fences [G7 G7] open the gate [C7 C7]

It may be [F F] rainin' [F7 F7] but there's a [Bb Bb] rainbow above you [Bbm Bbm]

You better [F F] let some[A7 A7]body [Dm Dm] love you

[Bb Bb] Let somebody [Bbm Bbm] love you

You better [F F] let some[A7 A7]body [Dm Dm] love you

Be[Gm Gm]fore it's [C7 C7] too [F F] late


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Poojerrt avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Lahaina)
Im looking for the TABS! I can get the music and chords anywhere. Am I missing something here?
05 Mar 2016
HighD avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Cranberry. PA 16319)
Nice version
09 Feb 2016
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