When I'm Sixty-four Uke tab by The Beatles

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[CC] When xxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx [G7G7] now
Will xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx [CC] bottle xx xxxx
If xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx [C7C7] would xxx xxxx xxx [FF] door
Will xxx xxxxx [FmFm] need xx [CC] will xxx xxxxx [AA] feed xx [DD] When xxx [G7G7] sixty- [CC] four

[AmAm] [GG] [AmAm]

[AmAm] You'll xx xxxxx [EE] too
[AmAm] And xx xxx [DmDm] say xxx xxxx
[FF] I xxxxx [GG] stay xxxx [CC] you [GG]

[CC] I xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx [G7G7] gone
You xxx xxxx x xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx [CC] go xxx x xxxx
Doing xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx [C7C7] Who xxxxx xxx xxx [FF] more
Will xxx xxxxx [FmFm] need xx [CC] will xxx xxxxx [AA] feed xx [DD] When xxx [G7G7] sixty- [CC] four

[AmAm] Ev'ry xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx [GG] Wight xx xxxx xxx xxx [AmAm] dear
[AmAm] We xxxxx xxxxxx xxx [EE] save
[AmAm] Grandchildren [DmDm] on xxxx xxxx
[FF] Vera [GG] Chuck xxx [CC] Dave [GG]

[CC] Send xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx x xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xx [G7G7] view
Indicate xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx [CC] wasting xxxx
Give xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx x xxxx [C7C7] Mine xxxxxxx [FF] more
Will xxx xxxxx [FmFm] need xx [CC] will xxx xxxxx [AA] feed xx [DD] when xxx [G7G7] sixty- [CC] four


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connorcrews avatar
It's in a different key than the original, but it sounds perfect in relation to itself.
01 Jul 2009
About this song

"When I'm Sixty-Four" is a love song by The Beatles, written by Paul McCartney (but co-credited to John Lennon) and released in 1967 on their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is sung by a young man to his lover, and is about his plans of growing old together with her. Although the theme is about aging, it was one of the first songs McCartney wrote, when he was sixteen.

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