The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill Uke tab by The Beatles

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[CC] Hey xxx [GG] galow [CC] Bill [FF] what xxx xxx [CC] kill xxx [FF] galow [GG] Bill
[AA] Hey xxx [E7E7] galow [AA] Bill [DmDm] what xxx xxx [AA] kill xxx [DmDm] galow [E7E7] Bill


He [AmAm] went xxx xxxxx [CC] hunting xxxx xxx xxx [FF] phant xxx [GG] gun
[AmAm] In xxxx xx xxxx [CC] dents xx xx [FF] ways xxxx xxx [GG] mom
He's xxx [E7E7] all xxxxxxxx [GG] bullet xxxxxx [AmAm] saxon xxxxxxxx [FmFm] son

All the children sing


[AmAm] Deep xx xxx [CC] jungle xxxxx xxx [FF] mighty xxxxx [GG] lies
[AmAm] Bill xxx xxx [CC] elephant xxxx [FF] taken xx [GG] surprise
[E7E7] So xxxxxxx [GG] Marvel xxxxxx xxx [AmAm] right xxxxxxx xxx [FmFm] eyes xxx
All the children sing CHORUS


[AmAm] The xxxxxxxx [CC] asked xxx xx xx [FF] kill xxx xxx x [GG] sin
[AmAm] Not xxxx xx [CC] looked xx xxxxxx xxx [FF] mommy xxxxxx [GG] in
[E7E7] If xxxxx xxxxx [GG] kill xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx [AmAm] us xxxxxxx xx [FmFm] him

All the children sing



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About this song

"The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" is a song by The Beatles from the 1968 double album The Beatles (also known as The White Album). The song opens with a flamenco guitar solo (taken from a seldom-heard Mellotron bank of Spanish guitar runs; on some CD reissues, this solo closes the previous track, "Wild Honey Pie"), followed by the chorus, sung by all four Beatles, Ringo's then-wife Maureen, and Yoko Ono (providing the only female lead vocal on a Beatles recording, for a single line). John Lennon, who wrote the song, is the primary lead singer.