The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill Uke tab by The Beatles

8 Chords used in the song: C, G, F, A, E7, Dm, Am, Fm

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Year:  1968
Key: AmChords

[C C]Hey Bun[G G]galow [C C]Bill [F F]what did you [C C]kill Bun[F F]galow [G G]Bill
[A A]Hey Bun[E7 E7]galow [A A]Bill [Dm Dm]what did you [A A]kill Bun[Dm Dm]galow [E7 E7]Bill


He [Am Am]went out tiger [C C]hunting with his ele[F F]phant and [G G]gun
[Am Am]In case of acci[C C]dents he al[F F]ways took his [G G]mom
He's the [E7 E7]all American [G G]bullet headed [Am Am]saxon mother's [Fm Fm]son

All the children sing


[Am Am]Deep in the [C C]jungle where the [F F]mighty tiger [G G]lies
[Am Am]Bill and his [C C]elephant were [F F]taken by [G G]surprise
[E7 E7]So Captain [G G]Marvel zapped him [Am Am]right between the [Fm Fm]eyes...ZAH!
All the children sing ...CHORUS


[Am Am]The children [C C]asked him if to [F F]kill was not a [G G]sin
[Am Am]"Not when he [C C]looked so fierce" his [F F]mommy butted [G G]in
[E7 E7]"If looks could [G G]kill it would have been [Am Am]us instead of [Fm Fm]him"

All the children sing


Uke tab by , 04 Nov 2009

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