Come Together Uke tab by The Beatles

5 Chords used in the song: F7, G7, Am, F, G

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Year:  1969
Key: C, AmChords and Tablature
Second ever Ukulele tab here!

Opening Riff/Verse/Solo Backing


# Simple riff played throughout the verse, the ~ is the slide by the way.

# Verse Part 2 Chords?

F7 F7
He got hair down to his knee
G7 G7
Got to be a joker he just do what he please

Chorus Chords

Am Am F F G G
Come together right now over me


E--6-6-6-6-6-6-6--3--1--3----|--6--6-3--6--3--1--3 X2

Solo Part 2


The rhythm of this part is basically played the same as verse part 2.

# This was kind of rushed so i'm sorry.
# Starting again twice didn't help the frustration.
# I suggest listening to the song for the rhythm of each part:)
# Thank you!

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Uke tab by , 14 Oct 2010

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flag for US(ISO2) (Burnley)
I also think that Ukulele Tabs edits the tab your posting. I cant figure out how to change the tab so the during the Verse part 2 part you play G7 then F7 not the other way round.
15 Nov 2010
Strumming pattern
Ste91 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Burnley)
I appreciate that a lot :) I actually did put the lyrics in nut Ukulele tabs must automatically put the X's because i didn't. But thanks a lot.
15 Nov 2010
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flag for US(ISO2) (Falmouth)
WOW ive been looking for a decent version of this song but couldnt find one this is amazing!!!!. i love the solo. one suggestion/question: noone ever puts in the full lyrics to a song the just show the lyrics played and then x's is it just me or can you not read halve the cords in every song because of this?.Anyway COOL TAB man keep it up :)!!!
23 Oct 2010

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About this song: Come Together

"Come Together" is a song by The Beatles written primarily by John Lennon and credited to Lennon/McCartney. The song is the lead-off track on The Beatles' September 1969 album Abbey Road. One month later it also appeared as one of the sides of the group's twenty-first single (it was a double A-side, the other side being George Harrison's "Something ") in the United Kingdom, their twenty-sixth in the United States.

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