When Will My Life Begin Uke tab by Tangled

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Original tuning : -2.0 step(s) [ ? ]

Intro: C chordC G chordG C chordC G chordG C chordC

G chordG C chordC
Seven A chordA M the usual morning line-up
G chordG C chordC
Start on the chores and sweep till the floor's all clean
Ab chordAb Eb chordEb
Polish and wax do laundry and mop and shine up
G chordG C chordC Dm chordDm
Sweep again and by then it's like seven fifteen

C chordC F chordF
And so I'll read a book
C chordC
Or maybe two or three
Am chordAm Dm chordDm F chordF C chordC
I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery
Am chordAm Dm chordDm
I'll play guitar and knit
E chordE Am chordAm
And cook and basically
C chordC
Just wonder when will my life begin

G chordG C chordC G chordG C chordC

Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts and baking
Paper mache a bit of ballet and chess
Pottery and ventriloquy candle making
Then I'll stretch maybe sketch take a climb sew a dress

And I'll re-read the books
If I have time to spare
I'll paint the walls some more
I'm sure there's room somewhere
And then I'll brush and brush
And brush and brush my hair
Stuck in the same place I've always been

Dm chordDm C chordC
And I'll keep wanderin' and wanderin'
F chordF Em chordEm
And wanderin' and wonderin'
Dm chordDm G chordG C chordC
When will my life begin

F chordF
Tomorrow night
C chordC F chordF
The lights will appear
C chordC F chordF C chordC F chordF Dm chordDm
Just like they do on my birthday each year
Am chordAm D7 chordD7
What is it like
G chordG C7 chordC7
Out there where they glow
F chordF C chordC
Now that I'm older
F chordF
Mother might just
G chordG
Let me go


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