Hidden In The Sand Uke tab by Tally Hall

4 Chords used in the song: E6, Eb6, A, Am

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Year:  2005
Key: unknownChords
E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
We were playing in the sand
E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
when we found a little band
you told me you fell in love with it
Am Am E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
didnt go as i planned

E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
When at last we bid adieu
E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
You swore you'd never love anew
you told me to buy a pony
Am Am E6 E6 Eb6 Eb6 E6 E6
but all i wanted was you

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Uke tab by , 20 Apr 2015

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krea1234 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Jacksonville)
For anyone wondering why it doesn't sound right on their ukulele you have to tune to tune it to the soprano ADF#B tuning!
02 Aug 2018
IntoTheVault avatar
The actual original tuning is +2 half steps from this one, and from there the F#6 and F6 chords are played 6666/5555 in the original instead of 3324/2213 (the standard fingering). Just in case you were wondering why you couldn't play this along w/ the original as is lol. Hope this helps somebody!
23 Jan 2018
Oggreenplays avatar
U are missing the part, "I wondered if I could hold it and fall in love with it too", which comes right after "adieu" ;))))
07 Jan 2018

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