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Year:  2001
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)
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# (You don't have to hammer-on and pull-off for this part)

# |------------------------------------------|
# |------------------------------------------|
# |-3h2p0h2p0-3h2p0h2p0-3h2p0h2p0-3h2p0h2p0--|
# |------------------------------------------|


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Uke tab by , 27 May 2010

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Sebanf99 avatar
flag for IT(ISO2) (Loreto)
sorry i cannot understand the 3h2p0h2p0 part... what it is mean and how do i played it?
14 Feb 2021
LoreGrilli avatar
flag for IT(ISO2) (arezzo)
The intro sounds really good, but the heavier part sounds better if you play Cm G# G
02 Aug 2015
elijahjsmith avatar
its much easier if you play the intro on the "C" and "G" string
04 Jan 2012
Arno avatar
flag for FR(ISO2) (Varces)
Excellent ! Thanks !
30 May 2010
rrfan1 avatar
Thank you!
And thanks to your help it is now avaliable!
28 May 2010
saharaman123 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (audubon)
i really hope this song becomes available its one of my favorites
28 May 2010

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About this song: Toxicity

"Toxicity" is a single by System of a Down, released in 2002. It was originally released on the Toxicity album (2001). The writing credit for the song is Malakian/Odadjian/Tankian. Although it never achieved the mainstream success of "Chop Suey!" and "B.Y.O.B.", Toxicity remains one of System of a Down's most popular songs among fans. The song was ranked #14 on VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs [1]. The song is in C minor key and it is played on dropped C tuned guitar.

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