Every Morning Uke tab by Sugar Ray

7 Chords used in the song: G, Cadd9, Gmaj7, C, C6, Cm6, D

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Year:  2005
Key: unknownChords
G G                       Cadd9 Cadd9
Every morning there's a halo hangin
Gmaj7 Gmaj7 C C
from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed
G G Cadd9 Cadd9
I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can use it for
Gmaj Gmaj C C
the weekend or a one-night stand
G G C6 C6
Couldn't understand
Gmaj7 Gmaj7 C C
How to work it out
G G C6 C6
Once again as predicted left my broken heart open
Gmaj7 Gmaj7 C C
and you ripped it out

(repeat verse)
Cadd9 Cadd9 Cm6 Cm6
She always rights the wrong
For me, Baby
Cadd9 Cadd9 D D
She always rights the wrong
For me

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Uke tab by , 16 Apr 2013

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