Naturally Uke tab by Selena Gomez

4 Chords used in the song :

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Who doesn't love a cheesy pop song on the uke
Anyways here is my first ukulele tab


Am chordAm, F chordF, G chordG, Am chordAm
Am chordAm, F chordF, G chordG, Am chordAm
F chordF, G chordG, Am chordAm
F chordF,G chordG, Am chordAm

Am chordAm, F chordF, C chordC, G chordG x 4


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LILizz avatar
like the tab but you should tell the words :( :)
12 Jun 2010
Bethyboop avatar
hey!! this tab is awesome!!!
12 Jun 2010
YenTec avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (los angeles)
It is absolutely horrible. no offense
07 Jun 2010
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