Unchained Melody Uke tab by Righteous Brothers

7 Chords used in the song: C, Am, F, G, Em, C7, Eb

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Year:  1990
Key: unknownChords
[C C]Oh, my [Am Am]love, my [F F]darling, I've [G G] hungered 
for [C C]your touch A A [Am Am]long, lonely [G G]time
And [C C]time [Am Am]goes by so [F F]slowly and
[G G]time can do [C C]so much
[Am Am] Are you still [G G]mine
[C C]I need your love,[G G]I[Am Am] ne[Em Em]ed your love
God [F F] speed your love [G G]to[C C]me [C7 C7]
[F F] Lonely rivers [G G]flow to the [F F]sea, to the [Eb Eb] sea
[F F] To the open [G G]arms of the [C C]sea
[F F]Lonely rivers [G G]sigh, wait for [F F]me, wait for [Eb Eb]me
[F F]I'll be coming [G G]home, wait [C C]for me
[C C]Oh, my [Am Am]love, my [F F]darling, I [G G]hunger, hunger!,
for [C C]your love
[Am Am]For love. Lonely [G G]time.
And [C C]time [Am Am]goes by, so [F F]slowly,
and [G G]time can do [C C]so much,
Are [Am Am]you still [G G]mine?
I [C C]need your [G G]love, [Am Am]I,
I [Em Em]need your love.
God [F F]speed your love [G G]to [C C]me [Am Am-F F-Fm Fm-C C]

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Uke tab by , 14 Mar 2010

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Thanks for the positive feedback!
14 Mar 2010
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++ nice one
14 Mar 2010
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flag for US(ISO2) (Stillwater)
Great work!
14 Mar 2010

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