Still Not Giving Up Uke tab by Rebecca Sugar

18 Chords used in the song: E, Bm, A, Am7, C#m, G#, A7, G#7, B, G#m, F#7, A/B, C#, C#/C, C#/B, C#/Bb, Am, B7add11

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords

[Verse 1]
E E Bm Bm A A Am7 Am7
Hey there have you heard about the infamous Gem War
E E Bm Bm A A
Well it started long before I was born
E E Bm Bm A A Am7 Am7
Thousands of years of fighting to protect the human race
E E Bm Bm A A
It’s been pretty tough keeping up the pace

E E Bm Bm A A
I sure have made my fair share of mistakes
C#m C#m G# G# A A
I didn’t know that Rose Quartz was such a big deal
C#m C#m G# G# A A - A7 A7 - muted
There are some wounds that even healing powers can’t heal

[Verse 2]
E E G# G# - G#7 G#7
Oh I feel like I messed u-up
C#m C#m B B A A Am7 Am7
This magical destiny really kicked me in the butt
E E G#m G#m - G#7 G#7
We’ve had some good times and some pretty bad lu-uck
C#m C#m F#7 F#7 A A A/B A/B E E
But we’re still in this together and we’re still not giving up
We’re still not giving up
A A A/B A/B C# C#
I’m still not giving up

C#/C C#/C C#/B C#/B
Da da da da da
C#/Bb C#/Bb A A
Da da da da da da
Am B7add11
Da da da da da da da

E Bm A - A (on 14th fret)

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Uke tab by , 04 Oct 2016

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Sunspark6 avatar
This is so much better on the baritone! Thinks for sharing:)
15 Oct 2021

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