Aloha 'oe Uke tab by Queen Liliuokalani

6 Chords used in the song: G, C, D7, G7, F, F7

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Verse 1: 

[G G]Ha 'aheo ka [C C]ua ina' [G G]pali
Ke [D7 D7]nihi a'e la i ka nahele
E E u[G G]hai ana pa[C C]ha I ka li[G G]ko
Pua a'[C C]hihi lehua [D7 D7]o u[G G]ka [G7 G7]


A A[C C]loha 'oe
A A[G G]loha 'oe
E E ke [D7 D7]onaona noho I ka [G G]li[G7 G7]po
One [C C]fond embrace
A A [G G]ho 'i a 'e au
Un[D7 D7]til we meet a[G G]gain

Verse 2:

[G G]'O ka hali'a alo[C C]ha i hiki [G G]mai
Ke ho[D7 D7]ne a'e nei i ku'u manawa
'O 'o[G G]e no' ka'[C C]u i po alo[G G]ha
A A lo[C C]ko e ha[D7 D7]ua [G G]nei [G7 G7]


Verse 3:

[G G]Maopopo ku'u 'i[C C]ke i ka na[G G]ni
Na' [D7 D7]pua rose o Maunawili
I lai[G G]la hia 'i[C C]a na' ma[G G]nu
Mi[C C]ki'ala I ka [D7 D7]naui o ka li[F F]po [F7 F7]


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boi_ avatar
I like using the strumming pattern ddu udu
10 Jun 2019
8765trew avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Johns Creek)
says nothing about f
11 Apr 2012
ramses avatar
super !!!!!!!!
15 Feb 2010
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