False Confidence Uke tab by Noah Kahan

5 Chords used in the song: Dm, F, Bb, C, A7

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Album:  unknown
Key: DmChords
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb F F C C

[Verse 1]
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb F F C C
Don't take yourself so seriously
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb F F C C
Look at you all dressed up for someone you never see
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb F F
You're here for a reason but you don't know why
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb F F
You're split and uneven your hands to the sky
Bb Bb
Surrender yourself

Dm Dm F F Bb Bb
And I wonder why I tear myself down
A7 A7
To be built back up again
Bb Bb C C
Oh I hope somehow, I'll wake up young again
Dm Dm F F Bb Bb
All that's left of myself
A7 A7
Holes in my false confidence
Bb Bb
And now I lay myself down
C C Dm Dm F F Bb Bb A7 A7 Bb Bb
And hope I wake up young again
Hope I wake up young again

* Repeat the same for other verses and chorus.
For Bridge, use the same chords as the chorus.
Hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do.

Uke tab by , 22 Dec 2018

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Ocaona avatar
It would be really appreciated if you included the rest od the song
22 Jun 2021
Xiden avatar
Can you include the rest of the song? Geez
28 Sep 2019
sunny1274 avatar
DDUUDU worked well for me
21 Jul 2019
Strumming pattern
redx100w avatar
what strumming patterns did you use for this song?
21 Feb 2019

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