Pigman Uke tab by NjoJ

4 Chords used in the song: G, Am, Em, D

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G G Am Am Em Em D D x2


G G Am Am Em Em
My redstone is getting turned on, and it's all 'cause of you
Em Em D D G G
Pigman says [ree], but it wants to moo
Am Am Em Em
Keep spamming shift 'cause I wanna see what it do
Em Em
My pickaxe broke
but I'm still digging for you

Portal to portal
Am Am
Lava flows over
Em Em Em Em D D
Will I find the fortress soon?

Getting closer and closer
Am Am
Pigman all over
Em Em Em Em D D
Killing blazes on my way to you


Em Em
Don't punch me
Punch trees
Em Em Am Am
No don’t dig down
Em Em D D Em Em D D
Mine with me ‘til our death


G G Am Am
Steve, lava’s burning me now
Em Em
Tryna put water down
Em Em D D
But the ground is hotter than you

G G Am Am
[Ree] Pigman love my gold crown
Em Em
My loot’s all over the ground
I leave my diamonds to you


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patrisz avatar
Thank you. I've been looking for the tabs to this masterpiece my whole life
20 Dec 2020
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