Egirl Uke tab by Negative XP

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[Verse 1]
(C C) She's an MKUltra victim
(Am Am) I can't get her (F F) out of my system

(G G) I wanna see her
(C C) Touch her, (A A) hug her
Kiss her, (F F) f**k her
Love her, (G G) be with her

(C C) Hey I messaged you
(A A) Can you see what I said?
(F F) Cause I can't get you (G G) out of my head

(C C) Hey e girl, (A A) go e girl, (F F) go e girl, (G G) go e girl
(C C) Hey e girl, (Am Am) go e girl, (F F) go e girl, (G G) go e girl

[Verse 2]
(C C) See the pictures you post
(Am Am) See how pretty you are
(F F) So close to me but (G G) yet so far

(C C) I wanna see you
Touch you, (Am Am) hug you
Kiss you, (F F) f**k you
Love you, (G G) be with you


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Jezebelx avatar
I finally made a good ukulele tab!
14 Jan 2021
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