Hunter Vibing Uke tab by Negative XP

4 Chords used in the song: G, C, Am, A

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, G, Dm, Am, EmChords
(G G) Worked up
(C C) Passed out
(Am Am) Checks in
(C C) Cashed out
(G G) The bathtub
(C C) Is my sea
(Am Am) Just my cracks (A A) rocks and me (G G)

(C C) I’m just vibin’
Hunter Biden (Am Am)
(C C) Got my cash now leave me alone
(G G) Our countries fighting (C C) while I'm bribing
(Am Am) Don't ask questions I’ll (C C) throw you a bone

(G G) Headed to Burisma
(C C) It was nice to see ya’
(Am Am) Heard the weathers (C C) nice this time of year
(G G) Maybe I can fly you (C C) Air Force one (Am Am) style
You could sit in daddies (G G) chair

Uke tab by , 17 Jan 2021

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