So Sick Uke tab by Ne-yo

4 Chords used in the song :

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Original tuning : -0.5 step(s) [ ? ]
Em7 Em7 - G G - Em7 Em7 - Dsus Dsus x3
Cadd9 Cadd9 - Dsus Dsus

Dsus Dsus - Cadd9 Cadd9 X4


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stacyymay avatar
Where's the rest of it?!?! And all the words?
23 Jul 2012
loveableizzy avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Muskegon)
lol. yea i dont get it either...
26 Feb 2012
jSDUML avatar
yo where's the lyrics at?
likke foreallz where do I play the thing?
12 Jan 2010
About this song

ne-yo's debut track that set him off as more than a songwriter, it set him off as an artist! he has said that the song is about his ex.