Cancer Uke tab by My Chemical Romance

9 Chords used in the song: D, A, Bm, Gm, G, A/C, Em, F#, Bm/C

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Year:  2006
Key: BmChords
Original key: -2.0 step(s) (original tuning)
Chord progression arranged for the Ukulele
This sounds true to the live versions, if you want true to the studio recording, transpose it up two half steps.

D D A A Bm Bm
Turn away if you could get me a drink of water
Gm Gm
Cuz my lips are chapped and faded
Call my Aunt Marie
A A Bm Bm
Help her gather all my things
Gm Gm
And bury me in all my favorite colors
G G Gm Gm
My sisters and my brothers

A A A/C A/C Bm Bm Gm Gm
Still I will not kiss you
Em Em A A D D
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you

D D A A Bm Bm
Now turn away cuz I'm awful just to see
Gm Gm
Cuz all my hair's abandoned all my body
Oh my agony
A A Bm Bm
Know that I will never marry
Gm Gm
Baby I'm just soggy from the chemo
But counting down the days to go

A A A/C A/C Bm Bm
It just ain't livin'
Gm Gm
And I just hope you know
D D Gm Gm
That if you say goodbye today
Bm Bm Bm Bm A A Gm Gm F# F#
I'd ask you to be true
Em Em A A Bm Bm
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you
Bm/C Bm/C A A
Em Em A A D D
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you
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Uke tab by , 27 Dec 2016

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mobile flag for CA(ISO2) (Toronto)
oml, nostalgia hit me like a ray of sun dude. fuck.
20 Jan 2020
Strumming pattern
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thanks! sounds perfect
18 May 2019

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About this song: Cancer

Representing an intriguing departure from the style presented on previous albums, this song is a vocal/piano duet up until half way through the song where the rest of the band kicks in. Gerard has said that this was to prevent the song from being too depressing. Read more on

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