Cancer Tabulatur von My Chemical Romance

9 Im Lied verwendete Ukulelengriffe: D, A, Bm, Gm, G, A/C, Em, F#, Bm/C

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Tablature / Chords (Ganzer Song)

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Jahr:  2006
Key: BmAkkorde
ursprüngliche Tonalität: -2.0 Halbtöne (Originalstimmung)
Tab / Akkord Fortschritt festgelegt für die Ukulele.
This sounds true to the live versions, if you want true to the studio recording, transpose it up two half steps.

D D A A Bm Bm
Turn away if you could get me a drink of water
Gm Gm
Cuz my lips are chapped and faded
Call my Aunt Marie
A A Bm Bm
Help her gather all my things
Gm Gm
And bury me in all my favorite colors
G G Gm Gm
My sisters and my brothers

A A A/C A/C Bm Bm Gm Gm
Still I will not kiss you
Em Em A A D D
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you

D D A A Bm Bm
Now turn away cuz I'm awful just to see
Gm Gm
Cuz all my hair's abandoned all my body
Oh my agony
A A Bm Bm
Know that I will never marry
Gm Gm
Baby I'm just soggy from the chemo
But counting down the days to go

A A A/C A/C Bm Bm
It just ain't livin'
Gm Gm
And I just hope you know
D D Gm Gm
That if you say goodbye today
Bm Bm Bm Bm A A Gm Gm F# F#
I'd ask you to be true
Em Em A A Bm Bm
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you
Bm/C Bm/C A A
Em Em A A D D
Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you
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Tabulatur von , 27 Dez 2016

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Aesthetic_Loser avatar
mobile flag for CA(ISO2) (Toronto)
oml, nostalgia hit me like a ray of sun dude. fuck.
20 Jan 2020
AryanAlainia avatar
thanks! sounds perfect
18 May 2019

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