Homage Uke tab by Mild High Club

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Gm7 chordGm7 C7 chordC7
Someone wrote this song before
F chordF Bb chordBb
And I could tell you where it's from
Edim chordEdim A7 chordA7 Dm chordDm D7 chordD7
The -7-3- - - -1 to put my mind at ease

G chordG Bb chordBb
Please just have a laugh with me
G7 chordG7 G chordG F chordF
Cause you know I'm borrowing by now
Bb chordBb G7 chordG7
These sounds have already crowned
Bb chordBb
Come on it's a silly dream
Dm chordDm F chordF
Dreaming of the imagery unfound
Bb chordBb Bbm chordBbm
The view sits nice from that cloud

Ab chordAb A chordA
And if you want a piece of my thoughts
Db chordDb
There's a coin worth flipping
Db7 chordDb7
Why don't you toss

Gb chordGb, Fm chordFm, Bb chordBb

Gm chordGm,C7 chordC7,F chordF,Bb chordBb,Em7 chordEm7,A7 chordA7,D7 chordD7

Gm chordGm,C chordC,F chordF,Bb chordBb,Em7 chordEm7,A7 chordA7,Dm chordDm


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