Let Me Love You Uke tab by Mario

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Same chords throughout the whole song. 4 counts each chord. You can probably figure out when to tie in the lyrics. Sorry!


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LaniRodriguez avatar
what the hell was the point of this
05 Nov 2019
tristansena avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (New York)
what's the strum pattern?
18 Mar 2012
frickitydickity avatar
Not really a tab. Just chords.
17 Jun 2011
About this song

"Let Me Love You" was the first single from Mario's 2004 album Turning Point. It was produced by Scott Storch, and co-written by Shaffer Smith (aka Ne-Yo), Scott Storch, and Kameron Houff. The remix of the song, also produced by Storch, contains rapped verses from Jadakiss and T.I.. It held the number-one position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine weeks from January to March 2005, and is Mario's biggest single to date.