Hello, Dolly! Uke tab by Louis Armstrong

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Bb chordBb Gm chordGm Bb chordBb
Hel-lo Dolly well Hel-lo Dolly it's so nice to have you
Bbdim chordBbdim Cm7 chordCm7 F7 chordF7
back where you be-long
Cm7 chordCm7 Ab chordAb
You're looking swell Dolly I can tell Dolly
Cm7 chordCm7 F7 chordF7 Bb chordBb
You're still glowin' you're still crowin' you're still go
Bbdim chordBbdim Cm7 chordCm7
in' strong
F7 chordF7 Bb chordBb Gm chordGm
We feel the room swaying for the band's playing
Fm7 chordFm7 Bb9 chordBb9 Fm7 chordFm7 Bb9 chordBb9 Eb chordEb
One of your old favorite songs from way back when
D7 chordD7 Gm chordGm Dm chordDm Gm chordGm Dm chordDm
So take her wrap fellas find her an empty lap fellas
Cm7 chordCm7 F7 chordF7 Bb chordBb
Dolly we ll never go away again


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