1949 Uke tab by Lana Del Rey

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D D                                           Bm Bm
Carry me up them stairs with my white socks on and my pretty song

You like my blue nail polish, "¿what is all this?" You say of the mess upstairs, don't be scared

Daddy, dearest, you know how I like to take trips

Bm Bm. D D
Pop first stop at the k-mart buy me my peach lip gloss

Em Em
Cigarettes and lollypops for our trip across the USA

G G. D D. A A
We're gonna party like it's 1949,

We're in the pontiac from July yo July

G G. D D. A A
We're gonna see it all before he says goodbye

We're gonna party like it's 1949.


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uk3nthusiast avatar
so i don't know how to edit this but it changes ti Bm at "mess"
11 Nov 2020
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