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Album:  unknown
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Uke tab by , 05 Jan 2018

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04 Aug 2019
VkysniyBorch avatar
flag for RU(ISO2) (stavropol)
Oh, thank you so much for the review. I hope there will be more tabs from Korn. From Russia with love
23 Apr 2018
MiriumStudium avatar
flag for ZA(ISO2) (Johannesburg)
Nice one!
I was listening to my Nu Metal playlist on Spotify today and I heard this song and I was like, "Oh my god! I wonder if anyone has posted this intro on Ukulele-tabs.com yet? or else I have to!" But you beat me to it!
Thanks! It's such an epic song and must be played by all Nu Metal/Ukulele fans of the world!
Thanks again. :D ;) :)
23 Mar 2018
Strumming pattern

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