Papa Don't Preach Uke tab by Kelly Osbourne

5 Chords used in the song: F, Eb, C#, C, Bb

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
verse 1:

papa i know your gonna be upset,
Eb Eb
cause i was always a little girl,
Eb Eb C# C# C C
but you should by now, i'm not a baby,
you always taught me right from wrong,
Eb Eb
i need you help daddy please be strong,
Eb Eb C# C#
i may be young at heart,
but i know what im playing

C# C# Eb Eb
the one you want me all about,
C# C# Eb Eb
the you said i could do without,
C# C# Eb Eb
we're in an awful mess,
Bb Bb C# C#
and i don't mean maybe,
Eb Eb

F F Eb Eb C# C#
papa don't preach,
Eb Eb
i'm in trouble deep,
F F Eb Eb C# C#
papa don't preach,
Eb Eb
i'm in losing streek,
Bb Bb Eb Eb
but i made up my mind,
F F Eb Eb C# C#
i'm keeping my baby,
Eb Eb
F F Eb Eb C# C#
i'm gonna keep my baby,
Eb Eb

verse 2:
he says that he's gonna marry me,
F F Eb Eb
and we can raise a little family,
Eb Eb C# C#
maybe we'll be alright,
C# C# C C
if we sacrafice,

bridge 2:
C# C# Eb Eb
but my friend's keep telling me to give it up,
C# C#
saying i'm too young,
Eb Eb
i'll only live it up,
C# C# Eb Eb
what i need right now,
Bb Bb C# C#
is some good advice,
Eb Eb


verse 3:
C# C# Eb Eb
daddy, daddy if you could only see,
C# C# Eb Eb
just how good he's been treating me,
C# C# Eb Eb
you'll give us a blessing right now,
Bb Bb C# C# Eb Eb
cause we are in love x2


bridge 3:
F F Eb Eb C# C# Eb Eb
don't stop loving me daddy,
i know, im keeping my baby x2
end on Eb Eb

Uke tab by , 13 Oct 2009

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