Love Yourself Uke tab by Justin Bieber

6 Chords used in the song: E, B, Dbm, F#m, A, C#m

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Year:  2015
Key: E, C#mChords
E E B B Dbm Dbm
For all the times that you rain on my parade
F#m F#m E E B B
And all the clubs you get in using my name
E E B B Dbm Dbm
You think you broke my heart, oh girl for goodness sake
F#m F#m E E B B
You think I'm crying on my own, well I ain't

E E B B Dbm Dbm
And I didn't wanna write a song, cause I didn't want anyone thinking I still care
F#m F#m E E B B
I don't but, you still hit my phone up
E E B B Dbm Dbm
And baby I be movin' on, and I think you should be somethin'
F#m F#m E E B B
I don't wanna hold back, maybe you should know that
Dbm Dbm A A E E
My mama don't like you and she likes everyone
Dbm Dbm A A E E
And I never like to admit that I was wrong
Dbm Dbm A A E E B B
And I've been so caught up in my job, didn't see what's going on
Dbm Dbm A A B B
But now I know, I'm better sleeping on my own

E E B B Dbm Dbm A A
Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself
E E B B C#m C#m A A
And if you think that I'm still holdin' on to somethin'
You should go and love yourself

# [CHORUS] x2

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Uke tab by , 24 Dec 2015

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