In My Life Uke tab by Johnny Cash

7 Chords used in the song: G,D,Em,G7,C,Cm,A

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Original tuning : +2.0 step(s) [ ? ]
G G      D D     Em Em    G7 G7
There are places Ill remember
C C Cm Cm G G
All my life though some have changed
G G D D Em Em G7 G7
Some forever not for better
C C Cm Cm G G
Some have gone and some remain

All these place have their moments
C C Cm Cm G G
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are livin
C C Cm Cm G G
In my life I loved them all


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julia.sykora729 avatar
very pretty! personally i would slightly adjust the chords in the first line to read:
G D Em G7
There xxx places xxx remember
But thats just a little nit- pick- y thing on my part.
A beautiful arrangement
16 Mar 2011
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