For The Dancing And The Dreaming Uke tab by John Powell (Baritone Chords)

6 Chords used in the song: C, G, F, Am, D, A

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I'll [C C] swim and sail on [G G] savage [C C] seas
With [C C] ne'er a fear of [G G] drow[C C]ning.
And [C C] gladly ride the [G G] waves of [C C] life
If [G G] you will marry [F F] me. [Am Am]

No [F F] scorching sun, nor [C C] freezing cold
Will [F F] stop me [C C] on my [G G] journey
If [F F] you will promise [C C] me your [Am Am] heart.
And [F F] love me [C C] for e[G G]ternity.

My [C C] dearest one, my [G G] darling [C C] dear,
Your [C C] mighty words a[G G]stound [C C] me.
But [C C] I've no need of [G G] mighty [C C] deeds
When I [F F] feel your arms a[C C]round me.

But [C C] I would bring you [G G] rings of [C C] gold,
I'd [C C] even sing you [G G] poe[C C]try!
And [C C] I would keep you [G G] from all [C C] harm
If [G G] you would stay be[F F]side [Am Am] me!

I [F F] have no use for [C C] rings of gold,
I [F F] care not for your [C C] poetry.
I [F F] only want your [C C] hand to hold...
I [F F] only [C C] want you [G G] near me!

To [D D] love and kiss, to [A A] sweetly [D D] hold!
For the [D D] dancing and the [A A] dream[D D]ing!
Through [D D] all life's sorrows [A A] and de[D D]lights,
I'll [A A] keep your love in[D D]side me!

I'll [D D] swim and sail on [A A] savage [D D] seas
With [D D] ne'er a fear of [A A] drow[D D]ning!
And [D D] gladly ride the [A A] waves of [D D] life
If [A A] you will marry [D D] me! [A A][D D][A A][D D]


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22 May 2021
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