Imagine Uke tab by John Lennon

6 Chords used in the song: C, F, Am, Dm, G, E7

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[C C]Imagine there's no hea[F F]ven
[C C]It's easy if you [F F]try
[C C]No hell below [F F]us
[C C]Above us only [F F]sky

[F F]Imagine [Am Am]all the peo[Dm Dm]ple [F F]
[G G]Living for today - ah ha

[Verse 2]

[C C] Imagine there's no coun[F F]tries
[C C]It isn't hard to do [F F]
[C C]Nothing to kill or die [F F]for
[C C]And no religion too[F F]
[F F]Imagine [Am Am]all the peo[Dm Dm]ple [F F]
[G G]Living life in peace - ooh hoo oh


[F F]You may [G G]say I'm a [C C]dreamer [E7 E7]
[F F]But I'm [G G]not the only [C C]one [E7 E7]
[F F]I hope some [G G]day you'll [C C]join us [E7 E7]
[F F]And the [G G]world will [C C]be as one

[Verse 3]

[C C]Imagine no posse[F F]ssions
[C C]I wonder if you [F F]can
[C C]No need for greed or hun[F F]ger
[C C]A A brother hood of man[F F]

[F F]Imagine [Am Am]all the peo[Dm Dm]ple [F F]
[G G]Sharing all the world - ooh hoo oh


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About this song

"Imagine" is a song by John Lennon, which appears on his 1971 album, Imagine. It was released as a single in the same year, and reached number three in the U.S. Billboard charts, and number six in the United Kingdom. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine voted "Imagine" the third greatest song of all time. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said, "In many countries around the world