She Only Smoles When She Drinks Uke tab by Joe Nichols

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E chordE B chordB A chordA E chordE B chordB A chordA


A chordA
So you lit her cigerette
E chordE
Your feeling pretty good
A chordA
You think you've gotta shot
E chordE
most girls you probably would
A chordA
Yeah this is that kind of place
E chordE
but she ain't that kinda girl
F#m chordF#m
Well your reading it all wrong
B chordB
lt me tell you about her

E chordE B chordB A chordA
She only smokes when she drinks
B chordB E chordE
she only drinks now and then
B chordB A chordA
now and then when she's tired
B chordB E chordE
of being let down by men
D#m chordD#m C#m chordC#m
You can give her a light
G# chordG# F# chordF#
but its not whatyou think
A chordA F# chordF#
Everybody knows, she only drinks alone
A chordA B chordB E chordE
and she only smokes when she drinks

A chordA
Did you ask her to dance
E chordE
let me guess, she told you no
A chordA
gotta take her someplace quiet
E chordE
and see how far that goes
A chordA
don't take it all that hard
E chordE
when she smiles and turns you down
F#m chordF#m
for a complicated girl
B chordB
she ain't that hard to figure out


Bridge: A chordA E chordE A chordA B chordB


E chordE B chordB A chordA B chordB

Yeah Thats Right.

E chordE B chordB A chordA B chordB E chordE


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