Here We Go Again Uke tab by James Blunt

4 Chords used in the song: Am, Em, C, E7

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Album:  unknown
Key: AmChords
Original key: +2.5 step(s) (original tuning)
Chord progression arranged for the Ukulele
Am Am     Em Em   Am Am       Em Em
I have been rejected before
Am Am Em Em Am Am Em Em
Trying to get another woman to come in through that door
Am Am Em Em Am Am
She said, i like it here, but you're not going to score
Am Am Em Em Am Am Em Em
i'm not going to let you sleep with me anymore

Am Am Em Em
whoa and here we go again
C C E7 E7
im starting on my own

Uke tab by , 18 Feb 2009

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