When I Come Around Uke tab by Green Day

5 Chords used in the song: G, D, Em, C, Am

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Year:  1994
Key: G, EmChords

G G D D Em Em C C (x4)

Verse 1:

G G D D Em Em C C
I heard you crying loud
G G D D Em Em C C
All the way across town
You've been searching for that someone
Em Em C C
And it's me out on the prowl
G G D D Em Em C C
As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself
G G D D Em Em C C
Well don't get lonely now
G G D D Em Em C C
And dry your whining eyes
I'm just roamin' for the moment
Em Em C C
Sleazing my backyard so don't get
G G D D Em Em C C
So uptight, you been thinking about ditching me


Am Am C C
No time to search the world around
Am Am C C
'Cause you know where I'll be found

When I come around

2nd verse (same as 1st verse)

Solo (same as Intro)

Repeat Chorus


G G D D Em Em C C (x4)

End on C C.

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Uke tab by , 02 Apr 2011

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I use this strumming pattern: D-D-DU-DU
19 Apr 2019
Strumming pattern

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