Self Control Uke tab by Frank Ocean

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Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 Em7 chordEm7

I'll be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight
Am7 chordAm7

Noses on a rail little virgin wears the white

D7 chordD7

You cut your hair but you used to live a blonded life

Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 Em7 chordEm7

Wish I was there wish we'd grown up on the same advice

And our time was right

Am7 chordAm7 D7 chordD7

Keep a place for me for me

I'll sleep between y'all it's no thing

Gmaj7 chordGmaj7

It's no thing it's no thing

Em7 chordEm7

Keep a place for me for me

Am7 chordAm7

Now and then you miss it sounds make you cry

D7 chordD7

Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes

Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 Em7 chordEm7

I came to visit 'cause you see me like a UFO

Am7 chordAm7 D7 chordD7

That's like never 'cause I made you use your self control

Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 Em7 chordEm7

And you made me lose my self control my self control


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maialove avatar
flag for AE(ISO2) (dubai)
what are the strumming to this song?
26 Oct 2018
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