Pink + White Uke tab by Frank Ocean

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Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Bm7 chordBm7 A chordA
Yeah xxxx oh
Yeah xxxx yeah


Cmaj7 chordCmaj7
That's xxx way xxxxxxxx goes
Bm7 chordBm7
Every xxxx we xxxx no xxxxxxx
A chordA
If xxx sky xx pink xxx white
A chordA
If xxx ground xx black xxx yellow
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7
It's xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me xxx
A chordA
Nod xx head xxxxx close xx eyes
A chordA
Half xxx on x slow xxxx
Cmaj chordCmaj
It's xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me xxx
A chordA
If xxx could xxx then xxxxx feel xxxxx
A chordA
Up xxxxxxx getting xxxx soon
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7
The xxx it xx we're xx land
Bm7 chordBm7
So xxx someone xx hold xxxx
A chordA
Keep xxx cool xx this xxxx life
A chordA
Won't xxx you xxxx when xxxx all xxxxxx


Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Bm7 chordBm7 A chordA
Just xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me xxxxxx me
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Bm7 chordBm7
You xxxxxx me xxxx
A chordA
Glory xxxx above
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 B chordB,7
Good xxxxx dear
A chordA
It's xxx downhill xxxx here

In xxx wake xx a xxxxxxxxx
Dark xxxx of x summer xxxxx
Nose xxxx in xxx flood xxxxx
Tall xxxxx milk xxxxx
It's xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me
Cannon xxxx off xxx porch xxxx
Older xxxx trying xxx the xxxx
Just xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me xxx showed
If xxx could xxx and xxxx back xx life
Up xxx air xxxx the xxxxxxxx pool
You xxxxx down xx the xxx land
Kiss xxx Earth xxxx birthed xxx
Gave xxx tools xxxx to xxxx alive
And xxxx it xx when xxx sun xx ruined

That's xxx same xxx you xxxxxx me xxxxxx me
You xxxxxx me xxxx
Glory xxxx above
Where xxx could xxxx
It's xxx downhill xxxx here


What x life xxxxxxxx how xx was xxxxx trees xxxxxxx Jackson xxx in xxxx
We've xxxx Say xxxx up xx Magic xxxx shoot
Say xxxx up xx daddy
Say xxxx up xx life x found xx
And x know xxxx you xxxxx want xx know
Run xxxx me xxx your xxxx
Still xxxxx grabbin xxx take xx easy
Give xx somethin xxxxx
Bitch x might xxxx ain't xx tellin
This xx life xxxx immortality


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About this song

“Pink + White” is the third track on Frank’s sophomore album Blonde. It’s produced by Pharrell Williams and features uncredited backing vocals from Beyoncé. Pharrell seemingly confirmed producing this song with an Instagram post.Pink + White #frankoceanThe track details memories of Frank’s youth and of someone close to Frank who passed away. He remembers this person by experiencing his life through the lens of this person who is gone. Read more on

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