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6 Chords used in the song: C, Em, Gm, Dm, Fm, G

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
[C C] In the Marmalade [Em Em]Forest (Forest),
[Gm Gm] between the make-believe[Dm Dm]trees
[Fm Fm]in a cottage cheese [G G]cottage?! Lives
[C C]Albi [Em Em](Albi) [Gm Gm]Albi [Dm Dm](Albi)
[Fm Fm]Albi the [G G]racist [C C]dragon...

{{From that C C, continue chord progression while speaking the story in 3 voices: Narrator{N}, Albi{A A}, and Albanian Boy{B B}}}

{N}Part Six: And so the villagers chased Albi the Racist Dragon into a very cold and very scary cave, and it was so cold and so scary in there that Albi began to cry...dragon tears, which as we all know turn into Jelly Beans!
Anyway, it was at that moment he felt a tiny little hand rest upon the back of his tail, and he turned around, and who should that tiny little hand belong to but the badly burned Albanian boy from the day before.{A A} "What are you doing here?!? I thought i killed you yesterday!" grumbled Abli, quite racist-ly.
{B}"No Albi, you didn't kill me with your dragon flames, i crawled to safety, but you did leave me very badly dis-figured" laughed the boy. "Why are you crying Albi?"
{A}"Well, all of the villagers chased me into this scary cave. I think its because I'm so racist! Get your hand off my tail you'll make it dirty."
{B}"No Albi, its not because of your racism they chased you here, they chased me here too when i became all disfigured like this. They just don't like you and I, because.... well, {{stop playing chords}} because we are different to them."
{N}And that made Albi cry a single tear, that turned into a Jelly Bean all the colors of the rainbow!{{i like to play a C C chord an octave up at this point}} And suddenly, Albi wasn't racist anymore.
[C C] So they sat in the [Em Em]cave (cave)
[Gm Gm]and ate bubblegum [Dm Dm]pie, YUM!
[Fm Fm]Albi the [G G]Racist;
{B B}"[Fm Fm]Albi the [G G]Racist";
[Fm Fm]Albi the [G G]Racist...{N} Well, not anymore...[C C]Dragon.

Uke tab by , 16 Jun 2009

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flag for US(ISO2) (Chandler)
This is awesome man!
16 Jul 2012
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well done amigo
21 Apr 2011
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17 Jun 2009

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