A Little Respect Uke tab by Erasure

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If you havent heard the song, the tune will seem difficult.. listen to the song first :)


C chordC
I try to discover
G chordG
A chordA little something to make me sweeter
Em chordEm
Oh baby refrain
F chordF
From breaking my heart

C chordC
Im so in love with you
G chordG
I'll be forever blue
F chordF
That you give me no reason
Am chordAm
Why you're making me work so hard


G chordG
That you give me no x
C chordC
Am chordAm
I can hear you calling
F chordF Em chordEm F chordF G chordG C chordC
Oh baby please give a little respect to-oo-oo me

These chords continue throughout the remainder of the song


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Jett168 avatar
11 Apr 2019
oliver avatar
oliver flag for GB(ISO2) (YORK)
hi mate great tab love the song
just out interest have you found a good strum pattern for this if so what is it ???
06 Dec 2010
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