King Creole Uke tab by Elvis Presley

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King Creole
Recorded by Elvis Presley
Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

G chordG
King Creole go

There's a man in New Orleans who plays rock and roll

He's a guitar man with a great big soul

He lays down a beat like a ton of coal
G7 chordG7
He goes by the name of King Creole

C chordC
You know he's gone gone gone
G chordG
Jumping like a catfish on a pole yeah
D7 chordD7
You know he's gone gone gone
C chordC G chordG
Hip shaking King Creole

When the king starts to do it it's as good as done

He holds his guitar like a Tommy gun

He starts to growl way down in his throat
G7 chordG7
He bends the string and that's all she wrote

Repeat #2

He sings a song about a crowded hole

He sings a song about a jelly roll

He sings a song about pork and greens
G7 chordG7
He sings some blues bout New Orleans

Repeat #2

He plays something evil and he plays something sweet

No matter how he plays you got to get up on your feet

When he gets a rocking fever baby heaven sakes
G7 chordG7
He don't stop playing till his guitar breaks

Repeat #2

D7 chordD7 C chordC G chordG
You know he's gone gone gone hip shaking King Creole


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