La Vie En Rose (english) Uke tab by Edith Piaf

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G chordG Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 G7 chordG7 Am chordAm D chordD D7 chordD7

G chordG Gmaj7 chordGmaj7
Hold me close and hold me fast
G7 chordG7
This magic spell you've cast
Am chordAm D chordD
This is La Vie En Rose
Am chordAm D chordD
When you kiss me heaven sighs
Am chordAm
And though I close my eyes
C chordC D7 chordD7
I see La Vie En Rose
G chordG Gmaj7 chordGmaj7
When you press me to your heart
G7 chordG7
I'm in a world apart
C chordC
A chordA world where roses bloom
C chordC G chordG
And when you speak angels sing from above
A7 chordA7 C chordC D7 chordD7
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs
G chordG Gmaj7 chordGmaj7
Give your heart and soul to me
Am chordAm
And life will always be
D chordD Am chordAm D chordD G chordG
La Vie En Rose


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Foogle avatar
Foogle flag for US(ISO2) (Saint Marie's )
This is great! I love it. Much simpler chords for newer players, and it matches the song almost perfectly. Thank you ^^
22 Jun 2018
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