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Year:  2017
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)

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Uke tab by , 12 Dec 2017

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KitKatUke46 avatar
flag for JP(ISO2) (Tokyo)
Eh? Not the best. I guess it’s better than the other versions on this site.
11 Aug 2019
Scarfedcat avatar
flag for MX(ISO2) (morelia)
Its the best tab of this song on the site
04 Feb 2018
Dgja90 avatar
I'm sorry, the bass notes don't fit in the range of the ukulele notes.
But it's still better than other tabs of this song on the site.
12 Dec 2017

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About this song: Shape Of You

On 21 September 2017 "Shape of You" became the all-time most streamed song on Spotify, with over 1.32 billion streams. "Shape of You" was a #1 single in 30 countries, quickly going multi-platinum.In January 2017, Ed Sheeran released “Shape Of You” in tandem with “Castle On The Hill.” The two songs are the first releases from his third album, ÷ (Divide), following in the mathematical footsteps of his + (Plus) and x (Multiply) albums.Sonically Read more on

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