A Team Uke tab by Ed Sheeran

7 Chords used in the song: G, Gmaj7, C6, C, Em, Am, Bm

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Year:  2011
Key: G, EmChords
CAPO on 2nd fret. Tabs from YouTube's The Ukulele Teacher


G: 0232
Gmaj7: 0222
Emin: 4322
C6: 0002
Amin7: 0000
C: 0003 OR 5433
Bmin7: 2222


G G, Gmaj7 Gmaj7, G G


(G G) White Lips, pale face, breathing in (Gmaj7 Gmaj7) snow (Emin) flakes
Burnt (C6 C6) lungs, sour (G G) taste.

(G G) Lights gone, days end, struggling to (Gmaj7 Gmaj7) pay (Em Em) rent
Late nights (C6 C6) strange (G G) men.


(Amin7) And they say she's in the class (C C) A A-Team, stuck in her (G G) daydream
Been this way since (Bmin7) 18, but lately her (Amin7) face seems, slowly sinking
(C C) wasting, crumbling like (G G) pastries, and they scream the (Bmin7) worst things in life come free to us

Cos she's (Emin) just under the (C6 C6) upper hand, (G G) we go mad for a couple of grams
(Emin) and she don't want to (C C) go outside (G G) tonight

And in a (Emin) pipe she flies to the (C6 C6) mother land, (G G) or sells love to another man
(Emin) it's too cold outside for (C6 C6) angels to (G G) fly.

(Bmin7) (Emin) for angels to (C6 C6) fly (G G) (Gmaj7 Gmaj7)



C C, G G, Bmin7, Emin (x4)
It's too cold outside for angels to fly
Angels to fly
to fly, fly
For angels to fly

Or (Bmin7) angels to (G G) die.

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