All I Do Is Win Uke tab by DJ Khaled

7 Chords used in the song: Bb, F, Dm, C, Am, A, Bm

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[T-Pain - Chorus]
Bb Bb F F
All I Do is win win win no matter what
F F Dm Dm
got money on mind i can never get enough
Bb Bb
and everytime I step up in the building
F F Dm Dm
everybody hands go up
(Dm Dm)
and they stay there
Bb Bb
and they say yeah
and they stay there
Dm Dm
Up down, up down
Bb Bb Dm Dm C C
cause all I do is win win win
Am Am
and if you goin' in put your hands in the
air let em stay there!

Bb Bb
Ludacris goin in on the verse
cause I never been defeated and I won't stop now
Dm Dm Bb Bb
keep your hands up put em in the sky for the homies that didn't make it and the folks locked down
I never went no where
Dm Dm
they saying Luda's back
blame it on that conjure
Am Am
the hood call it Ludayac
Bm Bm Dm Dm
and I'm on this foolish track so I spit my foolish flows
F F Bb Bb
my hands go up and down like strippers booty's go
Bb Bb Dm Dm
my verses still be serving, tight like a million virgins
F F Bb Bb
last time on a Khaled remix now I'm on the original version
Bb Bb
aint never count me out
Dm Dm
y'all better count me in
got 20 bank accounts, accountants count me in
Bb Bb
make millions every year, the souths champion
Am Am
cause all I do, all I, all I,
all I do is


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