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Year:  2003
Key: unknownChords and Tablature
# This comes from my kick ass friend 7ucker. 


# <-4-7-4-5-4-2-0--- Now all you need is someone to beat box the
# <-2--------------- drum riff, add some bass, and you have your
# <-2--------------- self a song. add the chords of the other
# <-2--------------- fellas to get some sick harmony.

# Recommended that you listen to song to get the timing down
# on this riff.

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Uke tab by , 16 Feb 2010

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snguy52232 avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Boston)
i just have a problem with the extra open notes which dont sound all too great. but spot on for the rest of the song!
08 Oct 2011
loser avatar
flag for AT(ISO2) (-)
Easy as Kittens but still great! v.v"
thanks for posting that one :)
04 Jun 2010
Speed avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (MoonBase 13)
Easy as Kittens
16 Feb 2010

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