Marijuanaville Uke tab by David Alan Coe

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Verse 1:
D chordD
Rollin' my home grown, Smokin' a big bone
A chordA
Look at that ganja- covered with oil
A chordA
Using my tweezers,Got pot in the freezer
A7 chordA7 D chordD
Made a new pipe out of aluminum foil

G chordG A chordA D chordD
Wastin' away again in Marijuanaville
G chordG A chordA D chordD
Searchin' for my roach clip on a rope--- On a rope, on a rope, on a rope
G chordG A chordA D chordD-A chordA G chordG
Some people claim that there's a wom-an to blame
A7 chordA7 D chordD
But I know, that it's all this damn dope

Verse 2:
D chordD
Don't know the reason,Stayed here all season
A chordA
Maybe that last stick was a way bit too stong
A chordA
But I got a real beauty,A chordA Columbian doobie
A7 chordA7 D chordD
And soon ill be up on my way along


Verse 3:
D chordD
I blew out my bong pipe,Ran out of bud light

But I found some sash I had hidden at home

Put in into a blender,And soon it will render

These little fudge brownies that help me get stoned



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