Bloody Stream Uke tab by Coda

14 Chords used in the song: Am, C, B, G#dim, E, Dm, Bb, Am/G, F#m7, F, G, A, Bsus4, Asus4

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Year:  2014
Key: unknownChords
Am Am   C C     B B   G#dim G#dim   Am Am                   C C            B B  E E
Shijima no soko kara mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe
Am Am C C B B G#dim G#dim Am Am C C B B E E
Shinku no chishio ga tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru
Dm Dm Bb Bb Am Am Am/G Am/G
Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara
F#m7 F#m7 F F E E F F G G A A
Hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo
Am Am C C
Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite
F F Bsus4 Bsus4 E E
Yaiba surinuke yatusra no suki wo tsuke
Am Am C C F F B B Bb Bb A A E E
Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku
Am Am C C
Like a Bloody Storm atsuku Like a Bloody Stone
F F Bsus4 Bsus4 E E
Ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni
Dm Dm C C Bb Bb E E F F G G Asus4 Asus4 A A
Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna nigirishimete

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Uke tab by , 11 May 2015

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