You Will Be Okay (Helluva Boss) Uke tab by Cesária

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Original song by Sam Haft
From Helluva Boss episode 2

(ty to @L0VERSDAY on twitter for the chords)

It [C C]always seems more [Em Em]quiet in the [Am Am]dark
It [Fm Fm]always feels so stark
How [C C]silence grows [Em Em]under the [Am Am]moon
Constel[Fm Fm]lations gone so soon

[Am Am]I used to [Em Em]think that I was [Dm Dm]bold
[Am Am]I used to [Em Em]think love would be [Dm Dm]fun
[Am Am]Now all my [Em Em]stories have been [Dm Dm]told
Except for [F F]one


As the [C C]stars start to a[Em Em]lign
I hope you [Am Am]take it as a [Fm Fm]sign
That [C C]you'll be o[Em Em]kay
[Am Am]Everything will be [G G]okay

And if the [C C]seven rings col[Em Em]lapse
Although the [Am Am]day could be my [Fm Fm]last
You will [C C]be [Em Em]okay
[Am Am]when I'm gone you'll be [G G]okay

And when [C C]creation goes to [Em Em]die
You can [Am Am]find me in the [Fm Fm]sky
Upon the [C C]last [Em Em]day

[Am Am]And you will be [G G]okay

[C C][Fm Fm][C C]


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Can you make a longer one?
19 Dec 2020
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