Living On A Prayer Uke tab by Bon Jovi

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[EmEm] Once xxxx x xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx
[EmEm] Tommy xxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxx
Union s been on strike he s down on his luck
It x [CC] tough [DD] So [EmEm] tough
Gina works the diner all day
Workin for her man she brings home her pay
For [CC] love [DD] Ooo xxx [EmEm] love
We xx xxxxx [CC] hold [DD] on xx xxxx xx xx [EmEm] got
It [CC] doesn x xxxx x [DD] difference xx xx xxxx xx xx [EmEm] not
We xx [CC] got xxxx [DD] other xxx xxxx x x [EmEm] lot xxx [CC] love
We xx [DD] give xx x xxxx
[EmEm] Oh xx xx [CC] half xxx [DD] there [GG] Oh [CC] oh [DD] livin xx x xxxxxx
[EmEm] Take xx [CC] hand xxx xx xx [DD] make xx x xxxxx
[GG] Oh [CC] oh [DD] livin xx x xxxxxx [EmEm]
[EmEm] Tommy x xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx
Now he s holdin in well they used to make him talk
So [CC] tough [DD] Oh xx x [EmEm] tough
Gina dreams of running away
When she cries in the night Tommy whispers
Baby xx x [CC] ok [DD] [EmEm] someday


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love this song!
17 Feb 2017
About this song

This song is preformed by Bon Jovi and has been a massive hit. This song has also now been featured in Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band. This song has also been featured in Channel 4 shows.