Stir It Up Uke tab by Bob Marley

3 Chords used in the song: C,F,G

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STIR IT UP  by Bob Marley

[C C] [C C] [F F] [G G]
[C C] [C C] [F F] [G G]

[C C] Stir it up, [F F] little [G G] darling.
[C C] Stir it up, come on [F F] baby. [G G]
Come on and [C C] stir it up, [F F] little [G G] darling.
[C C] Stir it up. [F F] [G G]

It's been a [C C] long, long time [F F] since I've [G G] got you
On my [C C] mind. [F F] [G G]
[C C] Now you are here, I said [F F] it's so [G G] clear;
[C C] To see what we can do, baby, [F F] just me and [G G] you.


[C C] I'll push the wood, yeah, [F F] blaze your [G G] fire,
[C C] Then I'll satisfy your [F F] heart's de[G G]sire.
[C C] Said, I'll stir it, yeah, [F F] every minute. [G G]
[C C] All you got to do, baby, [F F] is keep it [G G] in it.


[C C] Oh, will you quench me [F F] when I'm [G G] thirsty?
[C C] Come and cool me down, ba[F F]by, [G G] when I'm hot?
[C C] Your recipe, dar[F F]ling, is so [G G] tasty,
[C C] And you sure [F F] can stir your [G G] pot, so...


Solo on Verse Twice



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unicycle13 avatar
sounds good great for beginners
18 Jul 2013
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