Lay Lady Lay Uke tab by Bob Dylan

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Note: I use this variant of [AmAm], because I like it better:


and xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx [BbBb] at xxx xxx x xxxx xxxxxx xxxx [BbsusBbsus] /-


#LAY LADY LAY by Bob Dylan

[FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm] [FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm]
[FF] Lay xxxx [AmAm] lay [EbEb] lay xxxxxx xx [GmGm] big xxxxx xxx [FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm]
[FF] Lay xxxx [AmAm] lay [EbEb] lay xxxxxx xx [GmGm] big xxxxx xxx [FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm]

[CC] Whatever [DmDm] colours xxx xxxx [FF] in xxxx xxxx
[CC] I'll xxxx xxxx [DmDm] to xxx [FF] and xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx

[FF] Lay xxxx [AmAm] lay [EbEb] lay xxxxxx xx [GmGm] big xxxxx xxx [FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm]
Stay lady stay stay with your man awhile
Until the break of day let me see you make him smile

[CC] His xxxxxxx [DmDm] are xxxxx xxx [FF] his xxxxx xxx xxxxx
And you're the best thing that he's ever seen
[FF] Stay xxxx [AmAm] stay [EbEb] stay xxxx xxxx x [GmGm] an xxx [FF] ile [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm]

[AmAm] Why xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx [CC] world xx xx [FF] gin
[AmAm] You xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx [GmGm] eat xx [FF] too
[AmAm] Why xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxx [CC] one xxx [FF] love
When xxxx xxxx [AmAm] ding xx xxxxx xx [GmGm] you

Lay lady lay lay across my big brass bed
Stay lady stay stay while the night is still ahead
I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night
Stay lady stay stay while the night is still ahead

[FF] [AmAm] [EbEb] [GmGm] [AmAm] [BbBb] [FF]


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About this song

"Lay Lady Lay" is a song written by Bob Dylan and originally released in 1969 on his Nashville Skyline album. The words of the song are sung by Dylan in a low, soft-sounding voice instead of his familiar high-pitched nasal-sounding voice. Dylan credited his "new" voice to quitting smoking before recording the song, but some unreleased bootleg tapes from the early '60s reveal that this was an aspect of his vocal persona that he had actually possessed since at least that time.[1] Released as a single in July of 1969, it became one of Dylan's biggest US Pop chart hits, peaking at number seven.

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